Perhaps I should accept how meagerly human I am and I should abandon the expectation to meet an angel’s eyes staring back at me when I stand in front of the mirror……

Searching the nakedness of my body for the answers to all the flaws I find hidden in the folds of my skin and the crevices where my joints creak, moved by the heaviness of Life.

Maybe I should stop expecting that the words I speak…

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Random Musings

Random Musings

He feels like rain.

Sometimes, not all the time.

Like RAIN; his kisses travel the curves of my body like droplets clinging onto the memory of clouds.

They leave a sweet wetness from the cool of his lips; imprinting small whispers of the names I call out when he’s inside on the surface of my skin.

He soaks me, uprooting hidden emotions like the fury of the wind, capturing flying petals of my…

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Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep

I think of myself as mellow; you know, tenderly understanding pain, acceptance, struggle, strife, joy, love, absences, softly embracing the victories of Life, bleeding out emotions silently without speaking them into submission, you know, Tender.

Not aggressive or loud.

I do not berate my emotions and hung them up for the world to see at a mere first glance. No, I conceal them behind irritation…

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Sleepless Soliloquy

Sleepless Soliloquy

I’m from a generation undecided; I want everything and nothing at the same time.

Young, with a soul stuck in the middle ages where men rode on horses and they held Love on the edges of their swords, where it cuts deep and yet, it remained their armor and shield, battle ready in this cruel dark world.

Hopelessly romantic, they would stand ground and fight to the death for a chance to taste the…

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How To Fall In-Love



Forget everything that you have known;  Wipe from your memory what has, by default, been stored in the threads of your heart…because none of that shit really matters for the Love that is happening now; It only helps to remind you…

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How To Fall In-Love.

I am a foolish, hopeless romantic. I believed Love was sweet and sensual and magical.

Since I was 15, when my knees knocked a little more often (they still do- I’m bow-legged-ish), when Acne had the best of me and when I still had a perm, I thought Love…

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Here’s the problem with routine; it takes over.

You let yourself  forget the little things that used to make you smile because your mind is pre-occupied with predicting the tomorrow that you already know, because somehow, routine has you thinking and…

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27 Going On GROWN

Age is nothing but a number?


October 15th.

27 came by silently, almost as if she knew she needed to be un-noticed and quiet, she came almost invisible because she bears the terrible & burdensome reminder that 30 is just around the corner.

The poor…

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Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

Writing came to me when I was so clogged up with emotion I couldn’t breathe and I had to find a way to release the build up before I found myself bursting at the seams with crazy written all over it.

The irony that is the human will to survive; in order…

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Clipped Wings


It’s a queer thing when you’re muddled in routine; you don’t notice the slight shift in the clouds when the skies are about to burden the earth with its’ worry, you hardly notice that the man who lays bundled up on the street right outside your…

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You’ve played with string before I’m sure; that quick mend of a popped out button, tying up boxes of grain to send to grandma, the random measurement of a curtain box, or different versions of it, like shoelaces and headbands.

 A queer thought occurred to…

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“If it’ll keep my heart soft, break my heart every day.” 
― Warsan Shire

Say, what do you do on nights like this?  

Cold ass nights.

Nights when the air is so damn thin this time of year in Nairobi, i can almost feel it slicing through my nipples,…

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back then….

I miss the days I could write, no…. bleed drops from my soul; words telling stories about the places my feet had dared to go, memories of conversations punctuated with laughter, silent moments of hands being held and lips dancing in love.

I miss those…

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Paulo Coelho; My Prayer

I haven’t written in a while. I have been trying though, to write something deep, something catastrophically profound, something Life-Changing, something that would make you, my dear Reader, gasp in amazement or ponder over the merit of your Life, your…

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You meet someone and instead of their presence being a subtraction from your essence,
They simply add onto every atom of your emotions,
They multiply the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soulful elements of themselves, making you the…

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